Grammarly Review – Everything You Should Know

Speaking well can make the difference between someone being invested in your words and quickly losing interest. In real life, we have inflections and tone on our side to help along our words so that those around us listen.

When online, however, all we have are our words. Sure, some will argue that emoji and symbols help convey thought and feeling, but this is a myth.

On the contrary, how one person perceives your messages and writing may be vastly different from the next. Therefore, you should be doing all that you can to improve your writing so that what you are trying to say is precisely what your readers perceive.

This can be challenging, to be sure. But with plenty of proofreading and editing, you can tighten up your work so that it is clear and concise. Enter: Grammarly.

Anyone who frequently writes, whether for a living or as a hobby, has likely used or heard of Grammarly. And with such a shift to online personas in recent years, the need for succinct, intelligent writing is an absolute must.

If you aren’t familiar with Grammarly and what it can (and can’t) do for you, this review will provide the information you need to make an educated decision about whether to use this online grammar checker.

Why Use Grammarly?

More people are communicating solely online. As such, there is a greater need to ensure that what you are writing is apparent to those reading it. If you regularly communicate with business associates, you need to make doubly sure that you convey yourself as intelligent and professional.

Conversely, students will find that the Grammarly editor can give them the edge they need to turn in an excellent paper or report. Quite frankly, it can’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes on your work, regardless of its application.

It is certainly no secret that much of the younger generation is lacking in its writing abilities, although they aren’t entirely to blame. After all, technology has made it so that you don’t need to write or type out complete words.

Abbreviations and emoji reign supreme in text messaging and Twitter, and as such, youths aren’t getting the verbal exercise that they used to. This trend is rubbing off on adults, as well. With less of a need to articulate our thoughts, our writing skills can quickly go down the tubes if we aren’t proactive in staying polished.

Simply browse social media for a few seconds, and you will be inundated with grammatical errors. Perhaps the need for software like Grammarly is more significant than we think.

More Than a Spell Checker

Most writing applications have a built-in spell check program. However, these are often very limited in what they can accomplish. Grammarly goes above and beyond merely pointing out misspelled words.

It will alert you to improper phrasing, comma placement, wordiness, structure, incorrect use of pronouns, and a whole lot more. This is because Grammarly uses an advanced algorithm that is continually learning and improving.

The AI is quite remarkable, to say the least. It is more effective than any other similar software available, making it a must-have for writers everywhere. The spelling error and punctuation checker are undoubtedly handy, but it’s the extras you get in the Premium version that really make Grammarly shine.

While it’s true that you get more goodies from the Grammarly Premium version, don’t count out the Grammarly free version. This budget-friendly option is available to use at any time, ensuring that anybody can double-check their work at no extra cost.

Although the free option is limited in its features, it’s still a very powerful tool. And on top of that, the Grammarly editor is incredibly user-friendly. Let’s take a moment to explore the many ways that you can use Grammarly so you can see just how easy it truly is.

Using the Real-Time Online Editor

Grammarly needs to be connected to the internet to check your writing. When you visit their website, you can copy and paste your work into the provided field to be analyzed. The Grammarly editor will then give you a breakdown of what needs to be fixed and why.

Admittedly, this can be rather tedious at times. Fortunately, you may upload word documents to Grammarly if you prefer to check all of your work at once without the need to copy and paste.

There are other convenient ways to go about using Grammarly, as both the free and premium versions are available on multiple platforms.

Desktop App

You can download a desktop app for quick and easy correcting without needing to go to Grammarly’s website.

The only real downside that stands out is that you must be a Windows or macOS user – sorry, Linux fans (although you can use Grammarly another way). After downloading the app to your computer, you will find that it functions very much like Grammarly’s online web tool.

You can copy and paste your work or check entire documents on the fly. It’s certainly more convenient and saves you some time compared to going through the website.

Browser Extension

This plugin is another must-have if you converse online to any degree. The browser extension serves to check your writing in real-time across multiple websites. From Gmail to Twitter to Facebook, Grammarly makes sure that your online presence is strong by making writing suggestions as you type.

Designed for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, the browser extension is a versatile tool that gives you access to Grammarly outside of Windows and macOS.

As we touched on above, Linux users can enjoy the benefits of Grammarly as long you’re running a compatible web browser.

Microsoft Word

When it comes to writing documents, the MS Word add-on is a great way to go. At present, you have to be running Word via Windows. Once the add-on is downloaded and applied, a Grammarly button will be added to your options.

At any time, you may enable the Grammarly tool to check your work. Much like how a right-side panel appears when you need to select different styles, Grammarly opens a panel of its own. From here, suggestions to corrections will be presented to you with options for adjusting your writing.

The Premium version has a wealth of extra options and writing suggestions, but the free version is no slouch, either. And both can be used in real-time as you create documents.

Mobile Online Grammar Checker

As we mentioned earlier, spelling errors plague text messages and social media communications. It makes sense, then, that Grammarly is available for Android and iOS devices.

When you download the Grammarly app for either platform, you get a virtual keyboard that helps you catch grammatical errors as you type. From email to texting, Grammarly can help you make sure that what you are communicating is worded and spelled correctly.

Once you’ve used Grammarly on your mobile device, it’s hard to imagine that you ever went without it. Grammarly ensures that everything from playful text messages to serious emails is succinct and proper in its presentation.

Apple iOS users can download Grammarly from the App Store, while Android users can get it from the Google Play Store.

Grammarly’s Pricing Structure

Grammarly is free to use as much and as often as you like. Unlike many other free versions of software out there, the Grammarly free version is packed full of helpful writing tips and suggestions.

From a punctuation checker to a spelling and grammar assessor, you get a lot for a program that doesn’t charge you anything to use it.

With that being said, Grammarly Premium is a comprehensive powerhouse that provides you with even more tools to improve your writing. Not only do you get everything that comes standard in the free version, but you also get support for the following:

  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Language suggestions
  • Inconsistent writing
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar rules
  • Word overuse
  • Passive voice
  • Wordiness
  • Plagiarism
  • Tautology
  • Context
  • Tone
  • Style

The goal of Grammarly Premium is to ensure that your writing style is engaging to your readers. While it isn’t a magic wand for poor writing, it absolutely will enhance a good or great writer’s work.

No matter how thorough you’ve been in checking your writing, you’ll be amazed at what Grammarly Premium detects and suggests to you. And thanks to plagiarism detection, you can be sure that your work will pass Copyscape.

Grammarly’s Pricing Structure

So, how much does it cost to invest in the Premium version? Well, you have a few different options from which to choose. If you wish to use Grammarly Premium on a month-to-month basis, you will be charged $29.95 a month.

However, if you take advantage of Grammarly’s quarterly deal, it’s only $19.98 a month. Keep in mind, though, that you will be charged the full quarter all at once, coming out to $59.95 every three months.

You can get the Premium version for even less when you sign up for the annual package. Equating to $11.66 a month, you will be charged $139.95 for a yearly subscription to Grammarly Premium.

It’s important to note that, regardless of which package you choose, you will continue to be auto-billed for that amount after the length of your term expires. You must manually go into your account and cancel it if you wish to avoid being auto-billed.

Just be aware that if you cancel before your term is up, you won’t be refunded the difference. As such, it’s best to set a reminder for yourself if you don’t want to continue using Grammarly Premium so that you can cancel right before your term expires.

If you’re a business owner who needs Grammarly for your team, there is a business package available that varies in price each month depending on how many employees you have. With support for up to 149 employees, monthly fees start at just $12.50 a month (one employee) and go all the way up to $1,738.33 a month (149 employees).

As you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from in how you wish to go about using Grammarly. But regardless of which one you ultimately go with, whether free or Premium, you are sure to get an experience unlike any other.

You can look forward to the quality of your writing vastly improving, and the approach that Grammarly takes is one of the easiest you’ll ever use. It isn’t often that you come across such elegant, well-designed software.

Much more than a pretty interface, Grammarly is filled to the brim with helpful insights that will turn even your best work into glowing masterpieces. Its benefits are virtually limitless, making Grammarly is a must-have companion for all of your writing needs.


How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly uses an advanced algorithm that flags possible spelling and writing errors. Once the software has checked your work, it will present you with a comprehensive list of suggestions that you, the writer, can choose to take advantage of.

You will still need to review these suggestions to ensure that they apply to what you are trying to convey. But for the most part, Grammarly’s AI is very accurate in its performance and presentation.

It is also incredibly simple to use. Spending just a few minutes with Grammarly’s user interface is generally enough to get comfortable with its format and layout. Adjusting your writing using Grammarly’s suggestions is accomplished with a simple click of the mouse.

Changes are made instantaneously, so you can improve your writing in real-time without delay. In a matter of minutes, a document and go from readable to engaging. And for a professional writer, that is worth its weight in gold.

Is Grammarly Accurate?

Is it ever! One of the most impressive things about Grammarly is its attention to grammatical detail. There are things that even the most seasoned writer may fail to catch that Grammarly will.

This is all thanks to the incredible algorithm that powers Grammarly. Whereas conventional spell checkers only detect misspelled words, Grammarly will identify sentences that are too long, words that are used too often, incorrect punctuation, confusing prepositions, and many other grammar rules.

This kind of insight isn’t found in other software, giving you the edge you need to produce well-written, engaging work. Although a human eye is still recommended (more on that in a moment), you can’t argue that Grammarly makes a positive difference.

It is largely agreed that Grammarly catches what most humans don’t, and vice versa. As such, the need for both is required for the best results.

Does Grammarly Have a Free Trial?

Not necessarily a free trial, but there is a free version to use as much as you like. The grammar rules aren’t quite as thorough on this version, limiting itself to a basic spelling and punctuation checker.

If you write a blog or regularly post on social media, the free version is likely to be sufficient for your needs. But if you write for a living in any capacity, it is strongly advised that you invest in the Premium version.

Your writing process will be robust and full of enhancements. With this version, your chances of completing a concise document are remarkably higher. Still, there are some things that even the Premium version can’t detect, thereby necessitating that you proofread your work after Grammarly has made its suggestions.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

You can get the premium version in a few different ways.

Monthly: $29.95 a month.

Quarterly: $19.98 a month (billed at $59.95 every three months).

Annually: $11.66 a month (billed at $139.95 every year).

Is Grammarly Really Worth It?

If you’re a writer of any level, Grammarly is absolutely worthy of consideration. What have you got to lose? It will only help to make your writing better, and you can use it for free as much as you want.

The Premium version is an excellent investment for anyone who writes for a living or needs to present their writing in a professional light. The extra options that become available to you when you upgrade ensure that your work will be its very best.

With that being said, Grammarly cannot replace a human editor – at least, not at present. Grammarly is excellent, to be sure. But it’s also a computer program that can’t yet detect some of the subtleties of the human language.

There are times when errors are made on Grammarly’s end because, after all, it’s still AI. And until AI can match the intellect of the human mind, there will always be a need for human editing.

As such, it’s best to run Grammarly and let it do its thing. After which, you should double-check your work to see what errors (if any) were overlooked. By utilizing both of your efforts, your documents are sure to be better than they have ever been.

Is Grammarly Safe to Use?

Grammarly’s privacy policy states that they will never sell your information. In other words, Grammarly doesn’t support advertising for other companies using your personal data.

Now, with that being said, it’s important to note that anytime information is transmitted over the internet, there isn’t a guarantee that it won’t be intercepted by another source, malicious or otherwise.

Grammarly even admits to as much. Furthermore, it must be mentioned that since Grammarly is an online grammar checker, that anything you type is sent to their servers for analysis.

Grammarly claims that this information is eventually deleted. But when you factor in the previous statement, one has to wonder how long your data is in limbo to where it can potentially be nabbed.

Still, this practice of storing your information isn’t anything new. In fact, just about every email, social media, and search engine platform does the exact same thing as Grammarly.

And you have to remember that Grammarly is a highly-trusted company that goes to great lengths to ensure that its products and platform are safe for its users. Bottom line: you shouldn’t have to worry about your information getting stolen, but it’s always a possibility.

Does Grammarly Work With Google Docs?

Great news for Google Docs users! Grammarly is now available to use via this writing platform. However, it currently only works when you’re using Docs through Google Chrome. Grammarly hints that this could change in the future and work through other web browsers, no keep your eyes peeled for any updates.

Can Grammarly Check Plagiarism?

Well, yes and no. With the paid version, absolutely. Grammarly will analyze your work and give you a report back on what kind of plagiarism is detected, if any.

If you are running the free version of Grammarly, you can also check for plagiarism, but it won’t show you the results. It will either tell you if plagiarism was or wasn’t detected. If plagiarism is detected, you will be prompted with an option to upgrade to the Premium version so you can see which part(s) of your work is plagiarized.

Should You Get Grammarly Premium?

You can’t argue with the level of detail that Grammarly Premium provides in checking your work. It is leagues better (smarter?) than other grammar-checking software, and it also offers tips to tighten up your writing.

If you are a professional writer, you should most definitely make the investment. It will only help you to improve your skills while ensuring that your work is engaging to your readers.


When compared to its competition, Grammarly can’t be touched. It has years of research and support backing it that make it the powerful tool that it is today. There are certainly some worthy contenders available, but none come close to matching Grammarly’s all-around performance.

If you’re at all serious about what you write and want to ensure that you are reaching your readers as intended, Grammarly will help you make it happen. Its pricing structure might be higher than some of the other grammar checkers out there. But when it comes to producing the best work possible, can you really put a price on success?