Top 11 Courses to Learn Solidity Online


Solidity is a contract-based, high-level programming language used for smart contracts. Christian Reitwiessner and Alex Beregszaszi, alongside former Ethereum contributors, developed Solidity programming language to implement smart contracts across blockchain platforms.

Solidity is influenced by top programming languages such as C++, Python, and JavaScript designed to develop smart contracts running on Ethereum. In general, solidity programming is statically typed and supports inheritance and libraries with syntax similar to JavaScript. Using Solidity allows verification and enforcement constraints at compilation instead of run-time.

The programs that are compiled using Solidity are intended to run on Ethereum virtual machines. The career prospects as a Solidity developer are witnessing gaining traction as they can cater to a wide range of industries such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, tourism, and travel and finance. Therefore, job seekers and enthusiasts need to be well-equipped with a Solidity skill set and delve into an exciting and future-proof career.


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1. Smart Contracts by The State University of New York – Coursera

Smart Contracts by The State University of New York – Coursera

Smart contracts course is available in Coursera that University offers at Buffalo, The State University of New York. This course is also available as part of the Blockchain specialization course. It is primarily focused on helping learners understand the designing, coding, deployment, and execution of a smart contract.

The learners can gain a comprehensive understanding of the computational elements of blockchain technology and the implementation of user-defined operations. In addition, the learners will understand the solidity programming basics to develop autonomous, efficient, and transparent systems.

This course is divided into four weeks and four modules which are:

  • Week 1: Smart Contract Basics
  • Week 2: Solidity Programming
  • Week 3: Putting it All Together
  • Week 4: Best Practices


Instructor: Bina Ramamurthy

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: 23

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: Free Enrollment (Additional fee may apply for Certification)

2. Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developers’ Guide – Udemy

Ethereum and Solidity- The Complete Developers’ Guide – Udemy

The course is among the bestselling courses on Solidity that is available on Udemy. This course covers blockchain fundamentals to the most advanced concepts on Ethereum and Solidity programming.

At the end of the course, the learners can expect to understand Ethereum, Solidity, and smart contracts for building production-ready apps based on blockchain. In addition, the learners gain complete knowledge on how to design, test and deploy smart contracts, uses of latest Ethereum versions, building compelling blockchain applications, benefits of decentralized applications, and gain experience on practical and real-world examples.

Given below is the complete overview of the course content.

  • What is Ethereum?
  • Smart Contracts with Solidity
  • Advanced Smart Contracts
  • Building Interactive Front-Ends
  • Real Projects with Ethereum
  • Ethereum Project Infrastructure
  • Advanced Multi-Page Front-Ends
  • Basics of React
  • Extras


Instructor: Stephen Grider

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: 265

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: $94.99

3. Become a Blockchain Developer with Ethereum and Solidity – Udemy

The course is available on Udemy. It is a complete developer course ideal for learners with essential experience in frontend and backend software development. This course covers the primary philosophy of blockchain and cryptocurrency as a development platform and the significant components of the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, cryptographic tools and other developer tools are covered in depth.

The critical aspect of this course is to let learners gain experience of an iterative creation and development, testing, and deployment of decentralized applications. The tools covered in this course include Ethereum, Metamask Chrome extension, Solidity, Truffle build and testing framework, Ganache Ethereum node modulator and GitHub, Atom, and the Rinkeby test network.

The takeaway from the course is a solid understanding of the development of a distributed application, fundamentals of the blockchain technology, Solidity programming essentials, deployment of decentralized apps to various Ethereum instances, and learning the appropriate combination of tools in a real-world development environment.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction
  • Why Blockchain?
  • What is a Blockchain?
  • Cryptography 101
  • Installing the Development Environment
  • First Smart Contract
  • How to design and develop a decentralized application?
  • Truffle
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus


Instructor: Sebastien Arbogast and Said Eloudrhiri

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: 95

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: $118.6 (Charges may vary as per the region)

4. Blockchain: Learning Solidity – LinkedIn Learning


Blockchain- Learning Solidity – LinkedIn Learning

This solidity course is offered by LinkedIn Learning. The primary focus of the course is to build the Solidity programming skills of the learners. From the basics of Solidity to learning the advanced subjects such as blockchain development, smart contracts, source mappings, and more. It is an intermediate course; therefore, the learners should understand blockchain and software development.

The course contents are:

  • Basic Introduction
  • Introduction to Solidity
  • Introduction to Smart contracts
  • The Ethereum virtual machine
  • Installation
  • Solidity Basics
  • Syntax of Contract
  • Global and Special Variables
  • Functions and Operators in Solidity
  • Conditionals in Solidity
  • First Contract
  • Solidity Configurations
  • Conclusion


Instructor: Emmanuel Henri

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: 21

User Review: NA

Price: $15.7(1-month free trial available)

5. Developing Applications on Ethereum Blockchain – Pluralsight

Developing Applications on Ethereum Blockchain – Pluralsight

The beginner-level course on Ethereum blockchain and Solidity programming is available on Pluralsight. It is one of the highest-rated courses on this online learning platform.

The course covers essential areas to learn how to develop applications for the Ethereum platform. In this course, the learners can expect to begin from the basics of blockchain and Ethereum and build their base towards more advanced concepts such as writing smart contracts with the help of Solidity programming language.

Furthermore, the learners are introduced to smart contract execution and smart contract transactions in Ethereum. In addition, there is a comprehensive overview of the Ethereum functions and API and advanced concepts on smart contracts. Moreover, the learners can find adequate information about the Truffle framework and a solid understanding of web applications interacting with Ethereum blockchain.

The course contents are:

  • Ethereum Protocol
    • Introduction
    • Blockchain Technology
    • Hash Functions
    • Ethereum Overview/Ethereum Wallet/Using Ethereum
  • Getting Started with Smart Contracts
    • Solidity Programming Language
    • Encapsulation in Solidity/Smart Contracts Execution/Transactions in Ethereum
    • First Smart Contract/Paying for Computation/Transaction and Calls
    • Removing Contracts/Deploying Smart Contract
  • Solidity
    • Arrays/Reference Types and Constructors
    • Input Validation/Voting on Ethereum
    • Mappings/Control Structures
    • Structs and Memory and Storage
    • Payments with Smart Contracts/Multi-Sig Wallet
  • Ethereum API
    • Solidity Compiler/Ethereum Client
    • Geth Client
    • JavaScript/Web3API/Deploying Smart Contract
    • New Blocks and Ethereum Mining
    • Interacting with Smart Contract and Block Limitations
  • Truffle Framework
    • Getting Started
    • Contract Migration and Multiple Networks
    • Test Environment and Running Ganache
    • Truffle Project/Unit Tests for Smart Contracts/Writing Unit Tests in Solidity
  • Developing Advanced Smart Contracts
    • Time in Smart Contracts
    • Ether Units/Enums/Function Modifiers
    • Contract Inheritance/Finishing Smart Contract
    • Events and Contract Interaction/Libraries in Solidity
  • Web Applications with Ethereum
  • Deploying Crowdfunding Contract
  • React/Creating Web Application
  • Interacting with Ethereum/Display Contract Data
  • Sending a Transaction and Getting Contract Addresses


Instructor: Ivan Mushketyk

Level: Beginner

Video Lectures: 86

User Review: 4.8/5

Price: 10-Day Free Trial (Charges applicable after the Trial period)

6. Ethereum Developer Certification Course – Edureka

Ethereum Developer Certification Course – Edureka

This certification course provides in-depth knowledge about Blockchain development and associated platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and MultiChain. It is available on Edureka

This course is beginner-oriented, and the learners will explore the importance of consensus in transactions and how transactions are stored in blockchain.

There is also an inclusion of Bitcoin basics and history and how to use Bitcoin. In this training, the learners will understand the Ethereum platform in detail and develop custom smart contracts using Solidity and Remix IDE.

Finally, the learners will learn the deployment process and test Blockchain networks using the Truffle framework, TestRPC, and Web3.js. In addition, an important concept is covered that allows learners to set up private blockchain using a Multichain platform with practical use cases of blockchain across industries. However, specific prerequisites for the course require learners to have development experience using object-oriented language and the basics of networking and Linux.

The experience of JavaScript is advantageous. The course also provides complimentary courses for learners to understand Linux, Node.js, and JavaScript fundamentals.

The following section highlights the course contents.

  • Origin and Working of Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Platform
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Basic Solidity
  • Advanced Solidity
  • Developing A DApp Using Truffle
  • Hyperledger
  • Setting up Development Environment Using Hyperledger Composer
  • Create and Deploy Private Blockchain on MultiChain
  • Prospects of Blockchain

Instructor: Industry Professionals

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: NA

User Review: 4.8/5

Price: $230 Approximately

7. Mastering Ethereum and Solidity Programming from Scratch in 2022 – Udemy

Mastering Ethereum and Solidity Programming from Scratch in 2021 – Udemy

This course is offered on the Udemy platform. The course provides an in-depth understanding of Ethereum blockchain and Solidity programming language. The learners will explore the components of the Ethereum blockchain platform and understand the functionalities of smart contracts and related blockchain technologies.

Additionally, the learners will get practical exposure to solving real-world problems and plan and design a smart contract for a decentralized auction and crowdfunding platform.

Another crucial component of the curriculum includes an in-depth understanding of ERC20 tokens from planning, designing, development to its deployment. There are also additional topics covered on Initial Coin offering and Interplanetary System on Linux and Windows.

The course curriculum includes:

  • What is Ethereum Blockchain Platform
  • Mastering Solidity Programming Language
  • Ethereum Accounts, Addresses, Transactions & Blocks, Gas, Opcodes, and Mining
  • Tools used for Ethereum Development
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Compilation, ABI, Bytecode, and Deployment to different Ethereum Blockchains
  • Solidity Syntax
  • In-depth details about Solidity State Variables and Functions
  • Solidity Fixed-Size Arrays, Dynamic Arrays, Structs, Enums, Mappings, Global Variables
  • Contract Address and Balance: Sending Ether to a Contract, Payable & Fallback Functions
  • Accessing the Contract Balance
  • Variables and Functions Visibility: Private, Public, Internal, External
  • Events
  • Contract Inheritance, Abstract Contracts & Interfaces
  • Real-World examples on how to create secure Smart Contracts for a decentralized unstoppable Lottery, Auction or Crowdfunding Platform, ERC20 Token, and ICO
  • What is the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and how IPFS works? IPFS Examples.
  • Installing and Running an IPFS Node on Linux
  • Installing and Running an IPFS Node on Windows
  • Challenge: Solidity Programming
  • Projects


Instructor: Andrei Dumitrescu and Crystal Mind Academy

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: 116

User Review: 4.5/5

Price: $116 (Charges may vary as per the region)

8. Ethereum Developer Masterclass, Blockchain Development – Udemy

Ethereum Developer Masterclass, Blockchain Development – Udemy

The Ethereum training course is offered on Udemy. The course enables learners to master Ethereum innovative contract development with frontend integration, security, and unit testing.

At the end of the course, the learners will have an in-depth understanding of blockchain programming, Ethereum development, Truffle suite, Web3.js, design patterns, mining using Geth, and Solidity programming language skills. In addition, concepts like smart contract development will be covered with practical examples, and open Zeppelin and security considerations will also be explored. The course prerequisite requires a solid understanding of blockchain technology.

The course contents are:

  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Transaction flow and Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Solidity Programming
  • Introduction
  • Remix IDE
  • Metamask Wallet
  • Types of Accounts and Networks
  • Visibility Specifiers
  • Variables and Functions
  • Payable Functions and Addresses
  • Global Variables and Constructors
  • Fallback Function
  • Require Statements and Modifiers
  • Events and Inheritance
  • Polymorphism and Abstract Contracts
  • Interfaces and Libraries
  • Hands-on Programming
  • Web3.js
  • Truffle Suite
  • Installation
  • Writing a Contract in VSCode using Truffle
  • Truffle Compile
  • Truffle Migrate
  • Infura
  • Deploying Contract to Test Net
  • Frontend Integration
  • Token Standards
  • Open Zeppelin
  • Upgradeable Smart Contracts
  • Unit Testing
  • Design Patterns
  • Self-Destruct/ Factory Pattern/ Mapping Iterator
  • Withdrawal Pattern
  • Name Registry and Oracle Pattern
  • Security Considerations
  • Geth
  • Future of Ethereum
  • Conclusion


Instructor: Blockchain Post

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: 63

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: $86.4(Charges may vary as per the region)

9. Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program – Udacity

Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program – Udacity

The course is offered on Udacity. This course is similar to a specialization program on other online platforms. It is a four months program that has specific prerequisites for the course.

The learners are expected to be aware of coding using object-oriented programming, working knowledge of asynchronous JavaScript code, and develop knowledge about the front end and back end of a web application using JavaScript and understanding remote API and its uses.

This course covers the blockchain fundamentals and allows learners to experience working with different tools for blockchain projects in a production environment. The learners will be equipped to create their private blockchain and maintain the security of the digital assets using blockchain identity.

Moreover, the course also explores the Ethereum platform and building practical experience using Solidity and smart contracts to develop a decentralized application.

The learners will gain experience developing, testing, and deploying decentralized applications and have adequate exposure to advanced topics such as privacy, security, payments, and Oracles on the blockchain. In addition, the learners will be able to build complex systems on the blockchain for different use cases such as supply chain tracking, insurance payments, and decentralized marketplace.

The course is divided into five modules which are:

Course 1: Blockchain Fundamentals

The learners will understand the basics of a blockchain data model with the help of hands-on experience to create their private blockchain using Node.js and Leveldb. The learning outcome of the first module includes:

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Managing Blockchain Transactions
  • Bitcoin core Testnet
  • Blockchain Data
  • Private Blockchain and Digital Assets on Blockchain

Course 2: Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens and Dapps

The second module is focused on building the skillset for blockchain services using smart contracts within the Ethereum network. The contents of this module include:

  • Ethereum Fundamentals and Development Tools
  • Smart Contracts with Solidity
  • Ethereum App

Course 3: Blockchain Architecture

At the end of the third module, the learners will be familiar with advanced concepts related to privacy, security, and decentralized file management. In addition, the learners will understand the importance of proof of concept for verifying the authenticity of a digital asset. The learners will learn to architect a solution that allows verifying the authenticity of a product when there is the involvement of multiple actors.

The contents for this module are:

  • Planning Blockchain Solutions
  • Privacy
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Distributed File System

Course 4: Dapp with Autonomous Smart Contracts and Oracles

Advance concepts on enhancing the blockchain skill sets are covered in this module. The learners will gain experience developing decentralized applications that perform actions based on external triggers and handle payments. Furthermore, the learners will explore key concepts on bringing autonomy for responding to triggers and making applications more interactive. The contents of this module include:

  • Multiparty Control and Payments with Smart Contracts
  • Handing Smart Contract Payments
  • Course 5: Capstone Project

The learners will add new skills by developing property listing applications. In this project, the learners are expected to develop an application that includes representation of the property using ZK-SNARKS and then minting tokens for representing the claim to the property. Finally, the learners will enable the tokens to be available for sale on the blockchain marketplace.

The benefits of this course include real-world projects, project reviews from industry experts, and experienced reviewers providing feedback for improvement. Additionally, there is technical mentor support and GitHub review.


Instructor: Brandy Camacho, Jessica Lin, Joe Nyzio, Rachna Ralhan, PK Rasam, Nik Kalyani, and Elena Nadolinski

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: NA

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: $432 for 4-Month Access/ $154 per Month (Charges may vary as per the region)

10. Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Solidity – Udemy

Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Solidity – Udemy

This course is available on Udemy. It is ideal for beginners and experienced developers and follows an interactive approach and real-world projects to make learners fluent in programming Ethereum blockchain apps.

At the end of the course, the learners can expect to master their skills in Solidity programming, understand how smart contracts work and the development functions of Ethereum. Besides, the learners will understand the structure of Solidity code, become proficient in advanced development using the Truffle framework, and understand how decentralized technology works.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Transactions, Wallets, and Hashing
  • Learning Solidity
  • Solidity Project for Shared Wallet
  • Understanding Web3.js
  • Supply Chain Project/Event Triggers
  • Ethereum
  • Decentralization/Asset Tokenization
  • Conclusion


Instructor: Ravinder Deol, Thomas Wiesner and Martin Sterlicchi

Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

Video Lectures: 142

User Review: 4.5/5

Price: $116.7(Charges may vary as per the region)

11. Ethereum: Decentralized Application Design and Development – Udemy

Ethereum- Decentralized Application Design and Development – Udemy

This course is available on Udemy and is one of the bestsellers on the platform. The course is designed for developers looking to upskill themselves with Ethereum blockchain skills, and the prerequisites include the experience of software development and coding and a basic understanding of blockchain technology.

This course follows a hands-on approach, and each of the concepts is shown practically with the provision of code samples. The demo codes in the lectures are available for download from the GitHub pages of the instructor.

The concepts on frontend development for decentralized applications are covered in-depth, and there are several quizzes and practice sessions with coding exercises to gain confidence with the programming skills.

At the end of the course, the learners will experience leveraging Ethereum tools and software such as wallet, Geth, Remix, Truffle, and Ganache, setting up private blockchain networks, and understanding how Ethereum blockchain works.

Moreover, the learners will gain sufficient exposure to frontend development for decentralized applications using JavaScript and web3 libraries. Learners can also understand in-depth the setup of the Ethereum networks for development.

Other concepts covered are ERC20 compliant token, developing smart contracts using Solidity, end-to-end decentralized applications, and identifying appropriate design patterns for developing smart contracts.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Blockchain Foundational Concepts
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Using Wallet for Interacting with the Network
  • Ethereum Clients, Network, and Geth
  • Geth JavaScript Management API
  • Web3 JavaScript API
  • Solidity Contracts and Truffles
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Development using Solidity
  • Contract Design Patterns
  • Private Blockchain Network
  • Implementing ERC20 Token


Instructor: Rajeev Sakhuja

Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

Video Lectures: 142

User Review: 4.5/5

Price: $51.8(Charges may vary as per the region)


The demand for blockchain technologies is on the rise, with multiple enterprises aiming to achieve efficiency with the help of business models using blockchain. At the same time, Ethereum is a popular blockchain platform and is accepted widely by organizations. Currently, Ethereum is the most mature platform for blockchain technologies that organizations trust.

Blockchain continues to make inroads and gain a strong foothold in redefining how software must be built for transactions.

The job market trends highlight the demand for Solidity programming skills for designing, developing, and deploying smart contracts for blockchain platforms. Therefore, it is highly essential for developers to practically and theoretically understand how blockchain works and how Solidity programming helps to achieve decentralized applications, and much more. However, with many online courses online, it isn’t easy to select the most appropriate one.

Thus, it is crucial to opt for a course that offers sufficient hands-on experience alongside the theoretical aspects of the concepts and offers an industry-recognized certificate to showcase the skills.

This article aimed to highlight some of the top courses available for mastering Solidity programming skills with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain and Ethereum.