Top 11 jQuery Online Courses


jQuery is a fast and feature-packed JavaScript library that provides cross-platform functionalities. It is lightweight and has support for multiple browser types. Essentially, jQuery is used for client-side scripting of HTML and can be implemented for various purposes such as animation, event handling, document manipulation, and more.

jQuery is widely used for websites to make them more interactive and appealing with different animations. Besides, JavaScript is extensible and supports almost all the new features available in modern web browsers. 

In addition, jQuery improves the performance of web applications and is popular among developers as it is easy to learn and enables writing a lesser amount of code, leading to increased productivity and faster development. 

Therefore, jQuery remains one of the most preferred choices for web developers and is still among the top desired skills required by developers. Aspiring developers and learners willing to master web application development should update themselves with a jQuery skillset to gain some of the top positions in the marketplace.


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1. JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON – Coursera

JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON – Coursera

Coursera is a popular e-learning platform with several top universities and organizations offering courses in multiple disciplines. For example, the University of Michigan offers this course, which is essentially a part of “Web applications for everybody Specialization,” but this module can be enrolled separately.

In this jQuery training program, the learners can find the essentials of JavaScript language and understand how it supports object-oriented patterns. 

Further, the concepts of the jQuery library are introduced, and topics such as in-browser manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM) and event handling are covered in-depth.

In addition, there are other essential concepts like JSON and its uses to exchange data between codes running on a server and the browser, respectively. Besides, the course has a few prerequisites that include building basic web applications and PHP. Some of the contents of the curriculum are provided below.

Introduction to JavaScript

  • Basic JavaScript
  • Core JavaScript Features
  • Arrays and Control Structures
  • Document Object Model
  • Installation

JavaScript Objects

  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Building Objects
  • Objects Lifecycle

Using jQuery

  • jQuery Basics
  • Forms and jQuery
  • Coding Walkthroughs


  • JSON and jQuery
  • Coding Walkthroughs
  • Projects


Instructor: Charles Russell Severance

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 26 hours

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: 744

Price: Free Enrollment (Charges applicable for certification)

2. JavaScript for Beginners Specialization –  Coursera

JavaScript for Beginners Specialization – Coursera

This course is a highly rated jQuery online certification available on Coursera. Learners can build their skills in JavaScript and jQuery with a wide range of hands-on experience throughout the modules. In this specialization, beginners with no prior experience with a programming language can join and transition into being software developers at the end of the course. 

The concepts on the code editor, selection control structures, loops, and the core programming structures are some of the essentials that are covered in-depth. Moreover, the learner will explore the jQuery library and learn the various syntactic differences between JavaScript and jQuery with the help of small practical projects. 

There are various modules in this program, which are:

JavaScript Basics

The first module provides the fundamental concepts of the JavaScript library and enables learners to understand various aspects of the websites. In addition, there are some concepts on the history and importance of JavaScript. Further, the learners will learn to write the first scripts and assess HTML and CSS skills. There will also be essential concepts on variable arrays and assign values in programming.

Animation with JavaScript and jQuery

The second module allows learners to learn jQuery fundamentals, including concepts on DOM manipulation. The learners will learn to differentiate which JavaScript works best for a specific implementation and accelerate the developmental process. Besides, the learners will learn to design an essential landing page-style website with the help of jQuery elements to manipulate HTML documents to enhance the user experience.

In addition, one can understand how to create and break into individual jQuery projects and explore jQuery events and effects and jQuery relationships with HTML documents. Various plugins and their uses will be demonstrated to learners for a comprehensive learning experience.

Interactivity with JavaScript and jQuery

The third module focuses on JavaScript and the jQuery library to explore slightly complex problems. The learners will learn about jQuery plugins and build on their programming skills with the help of various practical assignments. Besides, learners will have a solid understanding of how to identify objects in JavaScript, create new objects, and manipulate them by adding, modifying, or deleting data in objects. Learners can also understand creating complex programs and break more extensive programs into smaller and manageable parts.

Data Manipulation in JavaScript

The final module focuses on concepts like managing and manipulating data with JavaScript and understanding various methods for validating and handling data provided by users or from external data sources. Further, the learners can learn about pulling data from external sources with the help of a project on a seat reservation system using JavaScript and jQuery form validation with plugin features, asynchronous functions, and events and loops.



Instructor: William Mead

Level: Beginner

Duration: 4 months

User Review: 4.7/5

No. of Reviews: 258

Price: Free Enrollment (Charges applicable for certification)

3. The Complete jQuery Course: From Beginner to Advanced – Udemy

The Complete jQuery Course- From Beginner to Advanced – Udemy

Udemy is another well-known platform that brings a wide range of courses for learners of different expertise. This is one of the highly-rated programs among various online courses on jQuery. The program offers various concepts, from the jQuery fundamentals to learning the JavaScript framework and setting up the code editor. Next, the learners will explore intermediate concepts like effects animations, including fading in/out, showing and hiding elements, and sliding elements. 

Furthermore, there are various custom animations like delaying and chaining and timing animations with the help of callback functions that are covered in-depth. Besides, the learners get to delve into advanced concepts on element selectors, manipulating DOM with insert, replace, and removing elements.

In addition, concepts like changing element data and CSS and handling events like a mouse click, keyboard events, forms, and Ajax with jQuery are also covered with practical examples. 

At the end of the course, the learners will learn to add appealing effects and animations to the websites, create dynamic websites, fast feedback and validations forms using jQuery, and learn to use Ajax to add content web pages dynamically from APIs. 

The course contents are:

  • Introduction
  • Effects: Animations
  • Element Selectors
  • Manipulating DOM I- Inserting, Replacing, and Removing Elements
  • Manipulating DOM II- Changing Element Data and CSS
  • Events I- Handling Mouse Events and Keyboard Events
  • Events II- Forms
  • Ajax with jQuery
  • Conclusion


Instructor: Joe Parys, Peter Sommerhoff

Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Duration: 6 hours 4 minutes

User Review: 4.5/5

No. of Reviews: 5236

Price: $45.6

4. jQuery Crash Course: Learn the Essentials of jQuery Fast – Udemy

jQuery Crash Course- Learn the Essentials of jQuery Fast – Udemy This is yet another course on jQuery that is value for money and has many enrollments. It is offered on the Udemy platform. Learning the essentials is extremely necessary to master the advanced concepts, and this program does provide all the critical concepts of jQuery. First, the learners will be introduced to jQuery basics and syntax. The jQuery selector is an integral part of the jQuery library, and learners can explore jQuery selectors in detail.

Further, the learners will discover how to manipulate DOM and use jQuery events to register behavior when users interact with web browsers. Besides, the learners will explore concepts on jQuery traverse and filter to find HTML elements. There are also advanced topics offered in this program, where learners will need to deep dive into capturing mouse events using the jQuery framework and the jQuery plugins to extend the library’s power. 

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction
  • Getting values with Text HTML
  • Selectors and Events
  • Showing and Hiding Effects
  • Combining Events with Selectors
  • Traversing and Filtering
  • Drawing and Mouse Position
  • Recording Events
  • Using Elements
  • Using the Dialog Feature
  • Using the Datepicker
  • Using Special Effects
  • jQuery Plugins


Instructor: Simon Sez IT

Level: Beginner

Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes

User Review: 4.5/5

No. of Reviews: 847

Price: $45.6

5. Asynchronous JavaScript Requests – Udacity

Asynchronous JavaScript Requests – Udacity

Udacity is another popular platform that offers this free course. In the training program, learners will have a solid understanding of dealing with data in web development using jQuery. There are concepts on asynchronous sending and receiving data in web applications that are provided with proper demonstrations for better understanding. 

The learners will deep dive into concepts like how asynchronous requests work and learn to use XHR objects to create and send asynchronous requests for images and news article data as examples. Further, the learners will learn to perform these requests using third-party ad APIs like jQuery’s Ajax and the Fetch API. However, one must be aware that the course’s prerequisites require learners to have experience in working with JavaScript’s object-oriented capabilities. 

The course contents are:

  • Ajax with XHR
  • Ajax with jQuery
  • Ajax with Fetch


Instructor: Richard Kalehoff

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 3 weeks

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Free

6. Programming for the Web with JavaScript – edX

Programming for the Web with JavaScript – edX

Another exciting course that offers various critical concepts on web development using JavaScript and jQuery is offered by the University of Pennsylvania. Learners can gain ample experience while getting certified by an Ivy League institution. The enrollment windows are available through the edX platform. 

The learners can develop dynamic and interactive data-driven web applications using JavaScript and its libraries. Furthermore, the learners are introduced to modern web development and learning to create basic web pages using HTML and CSS. 

In addition, the program delves into concepts like responsive design tools and the uses of DOM. Beyond the fundamentals, the learners can learn about callbacks, events, and asynchronous programming using jQuery and its functionalities for DOM manipulation and event handling. 

Additional contents are on component-based libraries like React.js for efficient development of modular web page components and D3.js uses for data-driven documents. 

Finally, the learners will explore concepts on JSON and accessing the Restful APIs and learn about server-side JavaScript with web frameworks such as Node.js and Express to ensure simple and easy creation and deployment of complex and data-driven web applications. Besides, learners also get introduced to concepts on integrating web frameworks to NoSQL databases like MongoDB. 

The course contents are:

  • Week 1: Web Programming Basics
  • Week 2: Using JavaScript to Create Dynamic Web Pages
  • Week 3: Client-Side Frameworks for Developing Modular Web Page Components
  • Week 4: Building Scalable Web Apps with Server-Side JavaScript


Instructor: Chris Murphy and Swapneel Sheth

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 4 weeks

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Free Enrollment (Charges applicable for certification)

7. jQuery Certification Training Course – Edureka

jQuery Certification Training Course – Edureka

Edureka is yet another popular platform that offers this certification course.  This program will enable learners to build dynamic and responsive web applications through comprehensive training. The most critical concepts covered throughout the program are jQuery traversing, events, effects, Ajax using jQuery, UI widgets, and jQuery Mobile. Besides, the program focuses on enhancing the hands-on experience of all the concepts covered across modules. 

The course contents are:

jQuery Basics

  • Introduction to jQuery 
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Basic DOM Structure
  • DOM Scripting
  • HTML Document Types
  • CSS Selectors
  • jQuery Object ($)
  • IDEs for Web Development
  • Installing jQuery
  • jQuery Functions
  • Querying DOM
  • Types of jQuery Selectors
  • Traversing the DOM

DOM Manipulation and jQuery Effects

  • DOM Manipulation
  • Content Manipulation
  • Adding and Removing DOM Elements
  • Modifying Properties and Attributes
  • Copying Elements
  • Moving Elements
  • Iterating with .each()
  • jQuery Filters and Data APIs
  • jQuery Effects
  • Fading and Sliding Methods
  • jQuery Animations

jQuery Forms and Events

  • jQuery Form Validation and Form Selectors
  • Regular Expressions
  • Event Handling
  • jQuery on() and off()
  • Event Object
  • jQuery Events
  • Bubbling
  • Event Target
  • Stopping Bubbling

jQuery Ajax and Utilities

  • Introduction to AJAX
  • jQuery AJAX
  • jQuery Utilities
  • Deferred Object
  • Promise

jQuery Plugins

  • Introduction to jQuery Plugins
  • Plugin Basics
  • Plugin Concepts

jQuery UI

  • Introduction to jQuery UI
  • How does jQuery UI work?
  • Events
  • jQuery UI Interactions
  • jQuery Widgets
  • jQuery UI Effects

jQuery Mobile

  • Introduction to jQuery Mobile
  • Usage and Installation
  • jQuery Mobile Page Structure
  • Header and Footer Toolbars
  • Navigation Bar
  • Themes
  • Pages
  • List Views and Count Style
  • Buttons and Collapsible
  • Event Handling in jQuery Mobile
  • Page Events and Touch Events


Instructor: Industry Professionals

Level: Intermediate

Duration: Self-paced

User Review: 5/5

No. of Reviews: 2000

Price: $130.4

8. Using JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON in Django – FutureLearn

Using JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON in Django – FutureLearn

This is an expert-led training program from the University of Michigan on the Futurelearn platform. The program offers in-depth concepts on using JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON within the Django framework. Additional concepts on the Django library, HTML, CSS, and SQL. In addition, advanced concepts are provided to learners on many-to-many relationships in data modeling and learning to write syntactically correct JavaScript language. 

Additionally, learners will explore debugging concepts, build objects using JavaScript, and understand the critical elements of low-level jQuery. However, the course necessitates some essential experience of Python programming. 


Instructor: Charles Severance

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 5 weeks

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: $49

9. jQuery 101: Learn jQuery with JavaScript from Scratch – Skillshare

jQuery 101- Learn jQuery with JavaScript from Scratch – Skillshare

Skillshare brings this course for beginners. The program focuses on providing the essentials of jQuery and JavaScript. The learners will learn to write proper JavaScript codes without writing multiple codes for backend development.  

Additionally, the learners must work on a project using an API endpoint, an event listener, random numbers using plain JavaScript, and changing the inner text of an element. 

Finally, the learners will also explore how to change the image element source and perform an Ajax request. There are some prerequisites for the course that include basic HTML, CSS, and fundamentals of JavaScript. 

The course curriculum includes:

  • Installing jQuery on your website
  • What jQuery syntax looks like
  • How to select HTML elements with jQuery selectors?
  • Changing inner HTML and text of HTML elements
  • How to get form values from an HTML element?
  • Adding HTML elements inside of other elements
  • Adding HTML elements before and after certain elements
  • How to delete HTML elements?
  • Event listeners include:
    • Click events
    • Hover events
    • Keyup events
    • Focus events
    • Blur events
    • Form submission events
    • Window resizing events
  • How to hide and show HTML elements dynamically
  • How to add and remove CSS classes dynamically
  • How to add custom CSS to individual elements?
  • Animations including:
    • Fade in and Fade out
    • Slide down and Slide Up
    • Custom animations 
  • What callback functions are and how to use them in jQuery
  • Element and window widths and heights using the box model
  • How to loop through multiple elements and change them
  • How to change HTML attributes dynamically?
  • Ajax calls include:
    • GET requests, and
    • POST requests


Instructor: Kalab Taulien

Level: Beginner

Duration: 2 hours 33 minutes

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Charges available on Sign Up


10. jQuery Fundamentals – Pluralsight

jQuery Fundamentals – Pluralsight

Pluralsight offers this beginner-oriented course. In this training program, the learners will learn about various features of the jQuery library. Furthermore, the learners will learn jQuery to select and manipulate DOM elements, process events, and build interfaces for web clients. 

The course contents are:

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Using Content Delivery Networks
  • Using jQuery ready () Function
  • jQuery Documentation
  • What are selectors?
  • Selecting Nodes by Tag Names
  • Selecting Nodes by ID
  • Selecting Nodes by Class Name
  • Selecting Nodes by Attribute Value
  • Input Nodes and Selector Features
  • Iterating Through Nodes
  • Modifying Properties and Attributes
  • Adding and Removing Nodes
  • Modifying Styles and Classes
  • jQuery Event Model Benefits
  • Handling Events
  • Click Event
  • Change Event, Mouse Events, and Binding to Events
  • Handling Hover Events
  • jQuery Ajax Functions
  • Loading HTML Content from the Server
  • Making GET Requests
  • Making POST Requests
  • Ajax()Function


Instructor: Industry Professional

Level: Beginner

Duration: 5 hours 18 minutes

User Review: 4.5/5

No. of Reviews: 4186

Price: 10-Day Free Trial (Charges applicable after Trial Period)

11. jQuery Advanced Topics – Pluralsight

jQuery Advanced Topics – Pluralsight

This is an advanced certification course offered on the Pluralsight platform. The program focuses entirely on advanced topics in jQuery. The learners will deep dive into the concepts of leveraging jQuery beyond the manipulation functionalities of DOM nodes. Some of the critical concepts covered in the course include authoring plugins for internal projects, enhancing the performance of DOM node selection and insertion, and customizing jQuery. 

Additionally, other concepts are introduced in the program, such as adding defaults and named constants with the help of the data method and storing and retrieving arbitrary data associated with DOM nodes.

Furthermore, the learners will learn to manipulate arrays and collections with built-in utility methods and handle events appropriately for dynamically created DOM nodes. 

Finally, there are concepts on deferred objects and promises based on CommonJS, which are covered in-depth.

The course contents are:

  • jQuery Advanced Topic Introduction
  • jQuery Utility Methods
  • Customizing jQuery
  • Authoring Plugins
  • Performance
  • Data Method
  • Advanced jQuery Event Handling


Instructor: Joe Eames

Level: Advanced

Duration: 3 hours 3 minutes

User Review: 4.5/5

No. of Reviews: 607

Price: 10-Day Free Trial (Charges applicable after Trial Period)


jQuery offers immense benefits to web developers, from writing JavaScript faster and easier and working with different browsers leading to compatibility across platforms.

Additionally, developers can compress JavaScript into fewer code lines, which allows increased productivity and avoiding errors. Besides, with different features for animation, event handling, and Ajax-based interactions, performing complex operations in a development environment becomes more accessible. 

With widespread popularity for nearly 15 years, jQuery remains among the top skills required for developers aiming for top-level positions. provides the reports on the average and the highest pay for jQuery developers in the USA, which stands at $80,760 as average base pay and the possibility of earning up to $140,000 for the most experienced developers with jQuery skill set. 

Therefore, these numbers suggest the importance of jQuery skills in today’s marketplace. Thus, aspirants and professionals aiming for the web development market must equip themselves with jQuery skills and programming experience to achieve lucrative job opportunities.